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What's with the brand name?  Has anyone ever told you you’re crazy? Not just in general, but when it comes to your “unhealthy” obsession with yarn? Well, we as crafters are far from ordinary, and I say, “Embrace your crazy!” 

In all seriousness, crafting is a significant and meaningful form of therapy and comfort.  It is wonderful to find asylum in the work we do with our hands.

    Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  ~Marilyn Monroe

    Where's your yarn dyed and stored?  My dye studio is right in my apartment!  Located in Queens, NY, it's a smoke and pet free space. 

    I don't have a swift and ball winder; can you wind my yarn?  Yes!  Ball winding is available for $1 per 100g skein (or 5 minis).  

    What's with the "Chaos"?  "Chaos" is the term I use for non-repeatable, OOAK colorways.  Instead of giving each of these colors a name, I call them Chaos.  These are usually batches of 6 or fewer skeins, never to be created again!

    Can I get a sweater quantity?  Yes!  Just place an order for the full quantity needed, and I will make sure they are dyed as a batch for best consistency.  As with all hand dyed yarns and especially those with speckles, dye lots can vary quite a bit.  It's always a good idea to purchase the full amount for your project all at once in order to get the best matching skeins.  It's typically recommended to alternate skeins every other row when making a large project with hand dyed yarns.  This can be used as a method to combat pooling, but it also helps hide the subtle differences from one skein to the next, since each skein is unique.