This page is a work in progress, intended to feature patterns that were designed using Asylum Fibers Hand Dyed Yarn.

Viva la Rose

A mosaic knit cowl design by Megan Gonzalez

Yarn Requirements - 2 skeins of DK weight yarn (Merino DK, Sparkle DK, or Cashmere DK suggested) in contrasting colors

Note from the designer:

Viva La Rose! Unleash your inner artist with this stunning knitting pattern that combines the stunning art of mosaic knitting with vibrant colors. With a few simple stitches, Viva La Rose allows you to bring to life a unique tapestry of texture and color.

Unlike many knitting patterns, Viva La Rose allows you to customize both height and width, so you can make any piece of garment tailored to fit your exact measurements.

And the best part? You don’t have to be a pro knitter to craft beautiful pieces. Mosaic knitting is surprisingly easy to learn, even for beginners. With a few basic steps and helpful diagrams, you’ll be mastering the mosaic knitting technique in no time.

With Viva La Rose, anyone can enjoy the simple, yet captivating qualities of mosaic knitting. Try Viva La Rose today and see wearable art come to life.


Out in the Suri

A suri stripe sweater design by Corrado Lark

Yarn Requirements - 3 colors of Cashmere Sock & 3 colors of Suri Silk (check pattern for yardage needs)

Note from the designer:

I’ve never performed in Oklahoma, but I have sung “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ “ in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical review, “A Grand Night For Singing” in the Adirondacks one summer. The version in that show is so good too, and I couldn’t help myself but to make the end of the song pop up a third instead of ending down. If that doesn’t make sense, it’s alright. Basically, I was a showboat.

This sweater is a showboat of its own. I don’t know how many times I can write that I love using Asylum Fibers, and this MCN combined with suri alpaca is insanely soft and luxurious. I used them in a striping pattern that lets each skein play on its own as well as combine with a pair in the group of six colors. One of my favorite knits to wear to date, and I typically wear it for my first day of knitting classes when I teach!


Modified Butterfly Shawl

A lacey crocheted shawl design by Michele Costa

Yarn Requirements - 3 skeins of DK yarn (2 skeins of Main Color and 1 skein of Contrast Color)

Note from the designer:

This is one of my fave shawls I ever made and I am in love with how it drapes. You can use any DK fiber you like but I used Asylum Fibers for the design and it is perfection! This YARN!

This is a modified and updated (with enough changes to warrant a new pattern) design from my Chrysalis County Shawl from years ago.

This pattern is for advanced beginners.

This is an original design. The instructions are in American stitches.


Dotted Daydreamer Shawl

An easily memorized, garter knit asymmetrical shawl with eyelets, designed by Stephanie Jones of Asylum Fibers

Yarn Requirements - 12 20g mini skeins in fingering weight, or 960 yards of fingering weight yarn (sample was made using the Daydreamer Mini Set)

Note from the designer:

The Dotted Daydreamer Shawl is an easily memorized, garter knit asymmetrical shawl with eyelets; well suited for mini sets, fades, and stash-busting.

The pattern is written so you can do more or less repeats to reach your desired size or use whatever yarn you’d like. I would recommend using no less than 900 yards to achieve a nice wearable size for this shawl.

I used my Daydreamer mini set for this sample, but don’t be afraid to get creative! This shawl would be great in a single color, striped, or faded (striping when you change colors for a more gradual effect). You could even hold a strand of mohair along to add a halo effect.



An intermediate sweater inspired by a knit by Ann Rothman, a Holocaust survivor, for her friend and fellow survivor, Helena Weinrauch. Pattern by Alix Kramer.

Yarn Requirements - DK with option for adding mohair or suri to sleeves

Note from the designer:

This V-neck sweater with bishop sleeves is knitted bottom up, in the round, before separating for front and back at the underarm. The body of the sweater is done without shaping, The neck trim and sleeves are then picked up separately.

There are three options for the sleeves:
Version A. Full sweater and cuffs in DK merino, adding a strand of mohair to the DK merino for the sleeves.
Version B. Bodice and cuffs in DK merino, Suri held double only for the sleeves only.
Version C. Knit the full sweater in DK merino.



This summer top uses Tunisian knit stitch for the body and traditional crochet for the lacy section at the top of the front and back. Pattern by Elisabeth Desamour.

Yarn Requirements - 3 to 5 skeins of DK weight yarn (Merino DK suggested)

Note from the designer:

The pipirit is the Haitian-Creole name for the Kingbird, a Caribbean tiny bird. This top’s name was chosen by Elisabeth after her sister mentioned how the Tunisian knit stitch reminder her of the bird’s footprint. It’s so fun to picture this cute little bird hopping around, creating this pretty top!


Interpreting Lines

A graphic, geometric shawl design by Makenzie Alvarez.

Yarn Requirements - 3 skeins and 2 minis in fingering weight

Note from the designer:

Drawing inspiration from life is part of the joy of being creative. Using color and lines like my favorite abstract painters, Interpreting Lines brings my love of painting to the knitting world.


Lenox Knit Shawl

A shawl perfect for beginners with garter and lace. Available in knit and crochet versions. Pattern by Michele Costa.

Yarn Requirements - 2 skeins of DK weight yarn (Merino DK suggested)

Note from the designer:

The Lenox Knit Shawl is a fun, rhythmic asymmetrical shawl that grows and grows with every row and every stitch. Continuing to explore my fiber art inspired by love for NYC the Lenox Shawl Free Crochet & Knit Patterns are named for Lenox Avenue where the Jazz Museum of Harlem is located. Like Jazz, both the Lenox Shawl crochet and knitting patterns have subtle twists and turns on a steady stream of rhythmic stitching.


Asbury Park Shawl

An asymmetrical triangle knit shawl with optional beads for added interest. Pattern by Sarah Punderson.

Yarn Requirements - 1 skein of Fingering weight yarn (twisted sock suggested - note an additional skein of twisted sock may be needed depending on gauge and preference)

Note from the designer:

My design is inspired by the yarn color of the same name dyed by Asylum Fibers. Asbury Park, NJ has a beautiful ocean beach, a vibrant boardwalk, and a colorful history.

The simple design reflects the feeling of serenity at the beach. At the same time, the changing patterns represent the textures and energy of the water against the sand and the busy boardwalk. The beads add additional sparkle, like the sun on the water.


Inspiration Wharf Knit Shawl

A symmetrical triangle shawl that you can fill with color. Available in knit and Crochet versions. Pattern by Michele Costa.

Yarn Requirements - 3 skeins of DK weight yarn in 3 colors

Note from the designer:

The Inspiration Wharf Shawls were inspired by and named for Inspiration Wharf - Port Washington NY for the LI Yarn Crawl this year. I had a lot of fun designing these and translating the idea to stitches.

This design was a stitch exploration just like the ebb and flow of water at the docks. I’ve always loved Wharfs and Piers.

Something about the structural feat of a place to dock and where water meets land. The subtle lace sections represent the ebb and flow of the water lanes leading in and out of the Wharf .


The Night Forest

A top-down stranded colorwork sweater. Pattern by Casapinka.

Yarn Requirements - Fingering weight yarn. 2 to 4 skeins Color A, 1 skein Color B, 1 to 2 skeins Color C and 1 skein Color D (Cashmere sock suggested)

Note from the designer:

I love images and stories about forests at night so when I found this Asylum Fibers Yarn, I knew I had to use it for this purpose! This sweater is my version of a fantasy night forest. I designed it in “blendy” yarns but you can create your own night forest using the colors that you like.


Main Street Chunky Ear Warmer Headband

A small project for Bulky yarn lovers. Pattern by Michele Costa.

Yarn Requirements - 1 skein of Bulky yarn (Yak Bulky Suggested)

Note from the designer:

Such a great quick pattern. Ideal for gifting, keeping your ears warm and a superb palette cleanser between bigger projects. Great for beginners or selling at markets too.


You Are Loved Tee

A cap sleeve tee with a sweet heart lace pattern. Pattern by Betty Chen.

Yarn Requirements - 3-4 skeins of fingering weight yarn (Twisted sock Suggested)

Note from the designer:

I named it “You Are Loved” with the intention of reminding myself and everyone else that we are loved. The current climate of politics in my country and the discussions about racism in the knitting/Ravelry community has pushed me to spend time writing this pattern to show that People of Color are just as creative and capable as anyone else. This would not have been possible without my wonderful friends who test knitted and helped me with their comments and suggestions!



A unique, slouchy hat with the perfect amount of warmth. Pattern by Woolly Wormhead.

Yarn Requirements - 1 to 2 skeins DK (Daft Dk suggested)

Note from the designer:

This Hat was designed for the Indie Untangled ‘Where We Knit Yarn Club’. Pathfinder is inspired by our trip to India and the beautiful Amber Palace in Jaipur. Twisted stitches travel around the Hat, as if through corridors and doorways, following their own intricate pattern towards the crown.


Break Free Shawl

A rebellious crochet boomerang shawl. Pattern by Rachel Newin.

Yarn Requirements - 3 skeins of DK (Daft Dk suggested) in 3 different colors

Note from the designer:

Flout the rules with the Break Free Shawl. Ignore the restrictions and the people telling you how things should be, break free and create a masterpiece that’s true to you.


Irving Plaza Shawl

A recipe that allows beginners to crochet their own adventure Pattern by Michele Costa

Yarn Requirements - 3 skeins of DK (Merino DK suggested) in 3 different colors

Note from the designer:

Are you ready to jump?
This shawl was inspired by the beautiful deep blue yarn artfully dyed Asylum Fibers and my deep love of everything cables. Head over to Stitch & Hustle and dive in and fall in love with all the twists and turns.


Into the Deep

A triangle design for lovers of texture

Pattern by Makenzie Alvarez

Yarn Requirements - 3 skeins of fingering (Merino Fingering suggested)

Note from the designer:

This pattern is a road map. It can be the foundation for you to follow and add colors, stripes, and truly make it your own. I suggest following this simple pattern as is to get used to crocheting on the bias and to understand the shaping. Then you can experiment with adding color, stripes, or anything you can imagine, to make it your own.