Jewel Fade of 25 (2020 Advent Color Set) Packaged as Braid - PREORDER

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This set of 25 20 gram Mini Skeins contains the 25 unique colors from my 2020 Advent Calendar.  You will receive the 25 mini skeins, packaged as a "braid" (first photo).  The minis are not individually labelled and they will not be individually wrapped the way the original Advent Calendar was since they're no longer a surprise. 

If you're looking to make Casapinka's "Secret Life of Cats (and dogs)", this is the exact color set and base that was used in her original sample.  The pattern can be purchased separately here.

Base:  Merino Fingering Mini (100% SW Merino) 87 yards and 20 grams each

These preorders will ship no later than 2 weeks from order date.  
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